Dr. V. Sundaram (October, 1966 to 1988)

Dr.Sundaram earned his Ph. D. from the Institute of Science, and joined the Technological Laboratory at Bombay in 1954 as a Junior Research officer.  Within  a short period of 12 years, he rose to the position of the Director of the laboratory (October 1, 1966), During that time,  the  administrative  functions  changed  hands  from ICCC to ICAR. This change was a turning point in the history of the laboratory, as well as in the career of the new director. With the launching of the All India Cotton Improvement Project (AICCIP) on April 1, 1967, the Director was entrusted with the task of Principal Investigator (Technical).

Many innovations took place during this period. The laboratory was expanded, a new building was built, and latest scientific instruments were installed. His 22 years as director brought progress in the working methods due to the installation of modern instruments. Spinning laboratory underwent modernization in a major way. The knitting laboratory was started with latest knitting machines. The AICCIP proved to be very successful. Dr.Sundram and his team won several awards including ICAR awards for team research work, Indian merchant chamber award for outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture (1976), FICCI award for outstanding achievement in research, science and technology (1977), Dr.Sundaram was a member of the task force, constituted for setting up the CICR at Nagpur functioned as the director of CICR during January 1976 to February 1977.

He was the Editor of the Journal of Indian Society for Cotton Improvement (ISCI), untill his death in 2003.

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