Axial Flow Cotton Pre-Cleaner

Axial Flow Cotton Pre-Cleaner

Description and salient Technical features

It has been mainly developed for on farm cleaning of seed cotton by farmers, traders and for use by cotton ginneries. It removes small trash particles, kawadi, sand and dust. It works on axial flow principle. It consists of cylinder, grid bar, top cover, feeder, and power drive assembly. The machine is made portable by providing wheels. Seed cotton is fed at one end of the spiked cylinder through feeder and it moves axially along the length of the cylinder as it rotates.

The rotational motion of the cylinder draws the cotton inside and agitates it across the grid surfaces. Foreign matter gets dislodged from the cotton by the agitating and scrubbing action of the cylinders and falls through grid bars. The trash gets accumulated in the trash

Salient technical specifications:

Type of cylinder Single spiked cylinder
Cylinder length: 1200 mm
Cylinder diameter: 443 mm
Cylinder speed: 225 rpm
Power requirement: 1.86 kW
Machine size: 1.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 m

Improvement over existing system: Presently ginneries use cylinder type pre-cleaners with 4 to 6 cylinders depending on the cleaning efficiency required. These cylinder pre-cleaners work on the principle of feeding the cotton longitudinally i.e. along the length of the cylinder. These pre-cleaners are of high capacity, costlier and require more power and not suitable and affordable to farmers.

Safety: The machine is compact, covered with safety guards and operator friendly.

Performance Results

Output capacity: 650 kg seed cotton/h
Cleaning Efficiency: 30-40%
Labour requirement: Two unskilled

Cost: Rs.75,000 (Cost of operation: Rs.44/h & Custom hiring rate: Rs.109/h)

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Axial flow pre-cleaner can be effectively used for on farm cleaning of cotton to realize the better prices for cotton and enhance farm income

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Improvement in quality of cotton and enhanced income of farmers.

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