Defibring Machine for Green Coconut Husk

Defibring Machine for Green Coconut Husk

Description and salient Technical features

A novel prototype has been developed for extraction of fibres from green coconut husk. It works on the principle of fibre-combing. The green coconut husks are fed to a puncher and crusher system and further carried to combing cylinder via a conveyor belt. Combing bars have optimum teeth fitted over a revolving cylinder which rotates at 700 rpm.

Technical Specifications:

Speed of cylinder: 700 rpm
Power: 3.73kW (3 phase)

Performance Results

Capacity: 60-70 husks/ h

Cost: Rs.2 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Energy efficiency defibring system reduces the loss of coir fibres, improves the cleaning efficiency and productivity of fibres.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

Offshore retting process will be eliminated thereby conservation of water bodies.

Status of commercialization/ IPO rights etc.

Ready for commercialization

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