An Attachment to Medlari Charkha

An Attachment to Medlari Charkha

Description and salient Technical features

In the villages in Karnataka Medlari Charkha has been used to spin wool fibres that are available from the sheep and are generally coarse. Medlari Charkha spinning unit is a foot operated self-winding spinning wheel with a bobbin to collect the spun yarn. The count (fineness) of yarn produced depends on the rate at which fibres are fed and is usually around 800-1000 tex.

This traditional form of medlari charkha is not suitable for spinning long length coarse fibres like jute, ramie, banana etc. Due to difficulty in feedingfibres continuously to the spinning unit, fibres which are fed into rotor get twisted. This twisting extends up to the feeding point which is usually fingers of the operator. In the case of fibres like banana, jute, etc., it becomes impossible to feed them with fingers such that portion towards the rotor gets twisted while the portion away from the rotor is still untwisted. In view of this difficulty an attachment is fabricated which helps in feeding fibres and at the same time keeping twisted and non-twisted portions separate. This device is pedal driven.

Performance Results

Capacity : 1 to 1.5 kg of banana fibre yarns

Cost: Rs.6000

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

The yarn produced from the charkha can be used for producing other value added products at the village level which will add to the existing income of the farming families.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

This innovation helps peasants to augment their income.

Status of commercialization/ IPO rights etc.

Ready for commercialization

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