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Multi-sheath Feeder to Raspador Fibre Extractor

Multi-sheath Feeder to Raspador Fibre Extractor

Description and salient Technical features

Various types of fibre extractors have been in use for separating fine fibres from raw plant parts. Raspador Fibre Extractor is generally employed to extract fibres from soft pithy plant materials like banana pseudo stem, sisal, hemp, etc. This extractor has a large rotating cylinder called scutching drum with a number of blades over it.

The sheaths are fed between a stationary-roller and the rotating cylinder. During the extraction, pithy matter is separated from fibrous matter by scutching action. Conventionally, for example, a single sheath of banana pseudo stem cut to about 1 metre length is fed to the Raspador Extractor one by one makingthe yield of extractor low. The newly designed feeder attachment can feed about 3-6 sheaths at a time to the extractor with considerable ease. Feeding multiple sheaths simultaneously not only increases the productivity but also reduces cost of production by way of reduced power requirements. This feeder can also be used for extracting other bast and leaf fibres like pineapple, sisal, etc.

Performance Results

Multi-sheath feeder helps to increase fibre production up to 1.5 to 2 times without additional energy consumptions or manpower requirements.

Cost: Rs.25,000 (Approx)

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

The fibres extracted will be used for spinning yarn at the village level or can be marketed for making other value added products. Most of the income thus generated will add to the existing income of the farming families.

Social/environmental/other benefits:

This innovation will help peasants to augment their income and hence will enhance their living standard.

Status of commercialization/ IPO rights etc.

Ready for commercialization

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