Circot Lap Preparation Machine for Micro Spinning

Circot Lap Preparation Machine for Micro Spinning

Description and salient Technical features

Traditionally fibres are opened by 'Pinjari' by using catgut and laps are made manually. But this process is laborious, time consuming and accuracy is not maintained as per requirement. CIRCOT lap preparation machine consists of moving apron, flutted feed roller, mote knife, likerin cylinder and laping cylinder. Prime drive is operated by a one hp and single phase electric motor and

total system is monitored by PLC system. Required quantity (60 - 100g) of fibres are placed on the moving apron end and gradually passing through the flutted roller and lickerin where proper opening and cleaning of fibres take place. Then these cleaned and opened fibres are transferred to another pair of cylinder for formation of laps. The laps are then fed to carding and ring frame for making yarn.

Performance Results

Lap weight 60 - 100 g
Output 5 laps/h

Cost: 2.5 Lakh

How the new technology will impact the income of the farmers / end users:

Drugery of operation is reduced. More number of samples can be produced with less labour. Sample analysis through micro spinning will become easier and economical.

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