Half-Yearly Progress Monitoring (HYPM)

Half-Yearly Progress Monitoring (HYPM) is a web based software to view and objectively evaluate the half-yearly performance of Scientists. The HYPM is being maintained at the Central Server of IASRI, New Delhi and is accessible at Authenticated access has been given to all concerned scientists, reporting officers, reviewing officers and research managers. ARS (ICAR) scientist posted at any one of the ICAR institutes has access to HYPM software through a unique UserId& Password. Facility has been provided to enter proposed targets for the forth-coming half-year and achievements of the completed half-year independently with respect to Research, Teaching, Training, Extension and Other Prioritized Activities.


The Reporting Officer (Head of Division/Regional Station) has access to the Proposed Targets & Achievements details submitted by all concerned scientists. He/She may add his/her remarks and give recommendations on the basis of the progress reports/inputs submitted by the concerned scientists.

Reviewing Officer has dual facilities as he/she may be the Reporting Officer and as well as Reviewing Officer for some scientists like Head of Divisions and Reviewing Officer for other scientists. The Reviewing Officer is able to add his/her own Assessment Remarks and Final Overall Grading on the Proposed Targets and Achievements of all scientists. Finally, Institute/SMD/ICAR Level Monitoring Reports are generated.Permisnet, PIMS and HYPM are inter-linked. For CIRCOT, Dr. C. Sundaramoorthy, Scientist is the Nodal Officer.

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