Former Directors (11)

CIRCOT has had a rich history of exemplary individuals as Directors leading our Institute. Following are their achievements in their tenure. 

Dr. S. Sreenivasan (August,2000 to August,2010)

Dr. Srinivasan joined  CIRCOT (CTRL) on September 2, 1974 as a research assistant. He obtained his Ph. D. in Physics from the University of Kerala in 1980. He is a Chartered Textile Technologist and a Fellow of the Textile Institute, Manchester, and also a Fellow of Textile Association, Mumbai, recipient of V. Sivaramakrishna Iyer Memorial Gold Medal and also V.S.Subramaniya Aiyar Gold Medal. He rose to the post of head of Quality Evaluation and Improvement Division (QEID) on September  25,  1997,  and  subsequently became Director of the Institute on August 19, 2000. Dr. Srinivasan was on the Editorial Board of the “Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research” for the period 2002 –2004.


Dr. K. R. Krishna Iyer (July, 1995 to July, 2000)

Dr. Krishna Iyer completed his M.Sc in first class at the Kerala University in 1962. He joined Ramnarain Ruia College at Bombay and served for three years as a lecturer in Physics till 1966. He joined ATIRA, Ahmedabad, as a research Fellow in Physics for doctoral degree from the Gujarat University. In the early 70s he joined the CIRCOT (CTRL) as a Scientist, and rose to the position as the head of the Physics Division in 1988. He took great interest in the study of fibres, yarns and fabrics. The Institute got NABL accreditation during his tenure as Director. Dr. Krishna Iyer has published nearly 100 papers in Indian and International Journals. He has been a co-author/co-editor of four books, including ‘Handbook of Cotton in India. Dr. Krishna Iyer laid down his office on August 1, 2000.


Dr. S.N. Pandey (February, 1995 to July, 1995)

Dr. Pandey joined CTRL as officiating Jr. Research officer on December 17, 1959. He became Senior Scientific Officer in 1969 and was promoted as Chemist on August 4, 1975, Scientist (S-2) in October 1, 1975, and Scientist (S-3) on July 1, 1980. Dr. Pandey worked at CTRL as a Senior Scientific Officer before taking over the director’s posts at NIRJAFT and CRIJAF. He became the Director of CIRCOT on February 23, 1995. He has authored many books, and guided M. Sc. and Ph. D. students, He is the recipient of many prestigious awards. After retiring on August 1,1995, he became the Chairperson of the Indian Fibre Society (IFS).

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