Quality Evaluation and Improvement Division (QEID)

Quality Evaluation and Improvement Division (QEID)

The Quality Evaluation was one of the two divisions at the initial stages of Technological Laboratory in the year 1925. The main objective of the division was to provide objective methods of tests to the cotton breeder for the estimation of quality of new strains. The division also provide the relationship between measurable fibre properties of cotton with the spinning value. During the early years of existence, considerable attention was given to development and standardisation of testing procedures and equipment in order to fulfil its primary objectives of evaluation of fibre quality and spinning performance.

The QEI Division labs are equipped with the state of art equipmentwith science and technology experts in position. The scientists are members of quality system committees of BIS and ASTM and helped in the introduction of new test methods and bringing improvement in existing test procedures. The breeders are provided with guidance for developing strains with enhanced fibre attributes at every stage of development. Apart from above, the Division is engaged in providing calibration cotton to the industries & machine manufacturers. The division has also contributed towards utilization of other natural fibres such as banana, ramie etc. apart from cotton fibre. The QEI Division is also extends its facilities to trade and industries by way of commercial testing and contributing towards the resource generation for the Institute. QEI Division is acting as bridge between farmers and industry.

Mandate of the Division

  • To offer technological support to AICCIP in the areas of fibre, yarn and fabric quality evaluation.
  • To develop and supply standard reference materials like calibration cotton.
  • To develop new technologies in the areas of instrumental grading of fibre, yarn and fabric of cotton and other natural fibres and composites.
  • To undertake basic research in cotton fibre-yarn structure property relationships, fabric thermal and mechanical comfort.
  • To contribute in revenue generation through physical testing of textiles and function as a referral laboratory.
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