Marketing and widening the customer base of CIRCOT calibration cotton

CIRCOT’s cotton standards have received wide acceptance among the mill users as the quality of these standards have been found to be on par with those supplied by USDA. Manufacturers of HVI in India use these standards to check performance of their machines prior to dispatching to buyers. CIRCOT has also supplied these standards to some laboratories operating outside the country. Over the years, clientele base for these standards –R&D, testing laboratories of trade organization is steadily increasing. Currently these calibration cotton standards are manufactured and sold by CIRCOT. However in recent years, from customer feed backs it was found that there is urgent need to improve the consistency in the quality of calibration cotton. Majority of consumers even today use USDA calibration cotton for HVI mode and CIRCOT calibration cotton for ICC mode. As the world is moving towards HVI mode of testing, there is need to develop calibration cotton for HVI mode. Even though CIRCOT calibration cotton containers have the values of HVI mode, the acceptance from the Industry is low. It is needless to say that quality of calibration cotton supplied needs to be maintained and for that one needs to improve the product through research.

  • To continue the development and supply of CIRCOT calibration cotton
  • To widen the customer base of CIRCOT calibration cotton
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