Evaluation of Quality of Standard Varieties of Indian Cotton (QEID)

The primary objective of CIRCOT is to help cotton breeders in developing improved strains of cotton by providing them with authoritative data on the fibre characteristics and spinning performance of different strains evolved by them. For judging the superiority or otherwise of these newly developed materials, the test results of some of the well-established varieties are used as standard for reference. The cottons selected for such purposes are called the Standard Indian Cottons. The cottons are the improved varieties, which have been evolved by agricultural scientists and are grown on a large scale in the respective regions. Usually no improved variety is included in the list of Standard Cottons until its production exceeds 50,000 bales. The list of standard Cottons is periodically updated by deleting old varieties which go out of cultivation and by adding new ones which have replaced the earlier ones.

The cotton breeders have been instructed to observe the following conditions for growing and supplying the samples of Standard Cottons: (i) The samples should be grown in the Government farms under departmental supervision ; (II) There should be no drastic change in the soil conditions in the field from which the samples are supplied ; (III) The samples sent for test should be representative of the types ;  (IV) The samples should be from the crop raised from pure seeds ; and (V) The samples should be prepared from all pickings in proportion to the yield in each picking . As a result of these conditions the test results of Standard Cottons provide information on the optimum characteristics and performance that can be expected of each cotton, the seasonal effect on various cottons and the extent of variations in the characteristics due to agro- climatic conditions. These data are also useful for examining the relationship between fibre properties and spinning performance.

As soon as the tests are completed on each Standard Cotton the results of the current season are issued in the form of a Technological Circular for the benefit of cotton breeders. The tests for fibre properties, spinning performance and yarn characteristics are more elaborate in the case of Standard Cottons than for other cotton samples.

  • Preparation of yarn from Standard Varieties of Indian cotton developed by the Cotton breeder of different cotton zones of country.
  • The evaluation of cotton fibre attributes by using the state of art instruments and machines.
  • Analysis of spinning potential of Indian standard cotton varieties by evaluation of count, strength and CSP.
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