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Brainstorming on “Challenges in Cotton Sector and Role of ICAR-CIRCOT”

ICAR-CIRCOT organized a brainstorming session on “Challenges facing Cotton sector and Role of ICAR-CIRCOT” at Mumbai on 8th February 2017. The session was organized as part of the 23rd Research Advisory Committee meeting of the institute to figure out the challenges ahead in cotton sector for the next three years and also to finalize the strategy to overcome the challenges. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Nawab Ali,  Former DDG (Agri. Engineering) & Chairman, RAC, and co-chaired by  Dr. G.S. Nadiger, Former Director (Textile Committee)  and Dr. S.N.Jha ADG (PE). Dr. P.G. Patil, Director, ICAR-CIRCOT welcomed the dignitaries and initiated the discussion with a thematic presentation. Representatives of cotton farmers, traders, industries, members of RAC and scientists attended the meeting.
Different issues related to cotton picking, trading, ginning, yarn, fabric and garment production technologies, sustainable chemical processing and cotton biomass utilization were deliberated. The action points emerged from the brainstorming were adoption of lint quality based marketing, efforts to get higher ginning output (GOT) using better technology, promoting Indian cotton varieties with improved quality attributes, improved yarn realization, blending cotton with other fibres for functional products, promotion of cotton for technical textiles, reducing water requirement for chemical processing of textiles, garments with innovative design & finish and promoting cotton by-products for energy and non-ruminant feed etc. Dr. C. Sundaramoorthy proposed vote of thanks. The meeting was coordinated by Er. V. G. Arude, Member secretary of RAC and Dr. A.S.M. Raja, Sr. Scientist.


Training on Advances in Applications of Nanotechnology concluded

Dr. Nawab Ali, Former DDG (Engg), ICAR and Chairman, RAC of ICAR-CIRCOT speaking as the Chief Guest of valedictory function emphasized the need for nano technological interventions in agriculture and allied sectors to improve the overall efficiency and productivity in farming practices so that the farmers could benefit at the end.
Dr. P.G. Patil, Director, ICAR-CIRCOT briefed about the involvement of this institute in the field of nanotechnology in textiles and composites, and the efforts taken to commercialize this technology by establishing nanocellulose pilot plant and incubating startups.
Dr. N. Vigneshwaran, Senior Scientist and Course Coordinator congratulated all the trainees and explained the future possibilities in continuing the relationship by collaborative research work and consultancy based on mutual understanding.
Twelve participants from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Meghalaya and Maharashtra attended this training programme.


Training programme on “Advances in Applications of Nanotechnology” inaugurated

Dr. P. G. Patil, Director, ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai inaugurated two training programmes on February 6, 2017. First one on “Advances in Applications of Nanotechnology” scheduled for Feb 6-10, 2017 is being organized to impart hands-on training on synthesis, characterization and applications of nanomaterials to the participants.  The participants (12 numbers) are faculties / scientists from Universities and ICAR, and also Ph.D scholars and post-doctoral fellows. Dr. N. Vigneshwaran, Sr. Scientist & course coordinator briefed about this training programme.
    Second one on “Quality Evaluation of Cotton” scheduled for Feb 6-10, 2017 is being organized to demonstrate the evaluation of various quality parameters of cotton, processing techniques, ginning technologies and cotton grading. Also, a visit to Cotton Association of India at Cotton Green, Mumbai will be arranged for practical exposure to participants and cotton grading. Six participants registered for this training programme. Er. P.S. Deshmukh, Scientist briefed about this programme.
    Dr. Patil, in his inaugural address, informed the participants about various research and developmental activities at ICAR-CIRCOT and the expertise developed in the fields of nanotechnology & its applications in textiles and composites and, in Quality evaluation of cotton. He also, sensitized the participants about the need for exploring the possibilities of using nanotechnology in agriculture and other diversified fields in a collaborative mode. 

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